Since 1895

The object of this organization shall be to unite the influence and enterprise of the women of the organization;
to promote educational, moral and civic activities; to endeavor to carry out its program;
to stimulate club spirit; and to create a center for social and intellectual advancement.
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Petaluma Woman's Club!

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On January 10, 1896, the Ladies Choral Society was organized as a branch of the Petaluma Woman's Club.  The Club was reorganized in 1900.  It was first named the Woman's Club of Petaluma and was later renamed the Petaluma Woman's Club.  Over the years, new branches of the Club were formed.  The Clubhouse on B Street was started in 1913 and designed by famous local architect Brainerd Jones. Over the years, the Club has grown and changed.  Today, the day group of the Petaluma Woman's Club (or PWC) holds one meeting a month. 

In January 1996, Club membership was expanded by adding an evening group.  The evening group of the Petaluma Woman's Club holds regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month. Both groups offer women the opportunity to socialize, network and make new friends in the community.

April 16 - Accessory Swap 6:30-9:00pm - Evening Group
April 21 - Scholarship Awards 11:30am-2pm - Day Group
Our day events are on the third Tuesday of the month at 11:30am. Our evening events are on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30p. Please check our calendar for upcoming events. Guests and newcomers are always welcome.

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