Time To Trestle

Time to Trestle

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Please take a moment to sign our Citizen’s of Petaluma Petition below.

Let’s encourage the City of Petaluma to move forward on the Riverfront Trestle Rehabilitation project in 2023 and build a beautiful Riverfront Promenade in the heart of our downtown.  Thank you!

Note:  We will only use your information to keep you updated on the Trestle Rehabiliation Project.

Imagine a beautiful Petaluma Riverfront Promenade instead of the chain-linked deteriorating trestle that we have now.  We do.  Petaluman’s and visitors alike will enjoy a park-like setting in the heart of our downtown for dining, strolling, city events and more – lined with kiosks for goodies that you can enjoy on your stroll.

Existing Trestle photo over Rendition of Future Trestle picture


The Petaluma City Council has deemed the Trestle Rehabilitation Project as one of the city’s highest priorities, but the project isn’t funded.  We need your support to encourage the City of Petaluma to break ground on this project in 2023.  Please sign our petition.

Thank you.

It’s Time to Trestle!

When Ida McNear founded the Petaluma Woman’s Club in 1896 she set this as our creed:

We desire to do all in our power to make Petaluma an ideal town, that will be known as a town of good citizenship.

In the effort for clean streets, good water, pure food and better sanitation, we will constantly be on the alert to aid our street and city officials.

In the spirit of the founding mothers, the Petaluma Woman’s Club is active in supporting the City of Petaluma’s efforts in the Riverfront Trestle Rehabilitation Project.


Look at what the ladies of Petaluma can do!   Let’s focus our energy now on beautifying the heart of downtown Petaluma and help the city build a Riverfront Promenade by breaking ground on the Petaluma Trestle Rehabilitation Project.

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